Lambrivka village, Tarutinsky district, Odessa region, 68534 Ukraine
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In the 20 years of the twentieth century ICA – Jewish Fund of Baron de Hirsch (Paris, France) – created Jewish agricultural commune on the territory of the then Kingdom of Romania. The commune became the prototype of the modern Israeli “moshav”.

In 1926 French agronomists visited almost all of Bessarabia looking for the best areas for viticulture. They chose a site near the town of Kaushan, which they named “the ideal plot”. The land (about 60 acres ) have been redeemed , and in 1927 “in an open field” the Lambrovka village was created. The Fund built 52 houses, a winery, and a dairy farm . Around the village, the 52 hectares of vineyards was laid down. Then the Fund moved to Lambrovka 52 Jewish families from nearby villages and towns in Bessarabia . Each family received a property of 1 hectare vineyard , cow and sheep 6 . French agronomists and winemakers were managing the project. The winery was provided with the latest equipment at that time .

In just a few years Lambrovka became one of most prosperous villages of Bessarabia and its wines were supplied all over Europe including France.

In 1937 the area was annexed by the Soviet Union , but the Jewish community continued to exist until the beginning of World War II. The entire population of Lambrovka was evacuated to Central Asia, and after the war the colonists did not return to the village, moving mostly in the U.S. and Israel .

Starting from the 50s , the winery was restored. During following 40 years, “Grona” (the new name of winery) was the leading winemaking enterprise of Tarutino district which is one of the largest grape zones of Ukraine and all over the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union “Grona” appeared in a very difficult situation, the production of wine was almost stopped .

In 1997-2000 Bliumberg family from Odessa bought a controlling stake in the company, which has thus become one of the first private wineries in Ukraine. From that moment the third stage of Lambrovka history has begun. The winery has been restored and provided with brand new equipment , including bottling line. Wines from Lambrovka produced by “AGRO-YUG, LLC” became popular throughout the independent Ukraine, and were also supplied to Germany.

In 2002, a delegation of ICA fund headed by its President, Baronet Stephen Waley-Cohen visited Lambrovka. The representatives of UK, France, and Israel observed new vineyards, tasted wines, and participated in Lambrovka 75th anniversary celebrations.